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Frequently Asked Question!

We share your concern that personal care products should not be tested on animals. Our company does not and will not test our products and ingredients on animals. We offer the highest quality of products available for caring consumers who are looking for natural and animal-friendly products.

There are certain essential oils that come in pure and concentrated form. Carrier oils are made from nuts, seed oils and vegetables and contain therapeutic properties. It can be used in cold pressed oils and could be blended with other oils and beauty products to create certain skin care formulations that make skin smoother.

Essential oils should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. You must avoid storing it in direct heat, and light to avoid diminishing the potency of the essential oil. Essential oils should also be placed in dark colored bottles and away from direct sunlight as UV rays can alter the properties and potency of the oil.

Teenagers are not the only ones that suffer from acne. In fact, acne can be a lifelong issue if not controlled. Diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water will help, but there are also skin care products that are created to directly provide cleansing benefits for the skin to help you avoid acne breakouts.

You should start using skin care products like retinol as soon as possible. This may help prevent fine lines before they even start to appear. Prevent wrinkles and look years younger than your true age.

The earlier you use proper skincare products for your face and body the faster you will see the results. Add skin care products like Argan oil in your beauty regime and be amazed at how much changes your body can achieve within just a few days.

These areas can be treated in the same way you would treat acne on your face. The chest and the back can tolerate stronger ingredients. Always make sure to take a bath regularly and to use bath and body products that exfoliate the skin and nourish it with vitamins and minerals.

Exfoliation is an important part of any skin care regimen. Be sure to use good quality exfoliating products and essential oils. To exfoliate means to remove dead skin cells, to help your skin absorb active ingredients from skin care products easier.

The first thing to use is products that provide you treatment like acne treatments. The next is moisturizer and sunscreen before putting on makeup.

The rule is to put on lighter products first before the heavier or denser products. But before doing so, the treatments must always go first, so that the ingredients can penetrate the skin. Sunscreen, on the other hand, must always go on after the moisturizer and makeup. To save time, you can also use skin care products that already has SPF protection.

To make the essential oils work better you need to use small amounts of the oil essential in diluted water or to blend it with carrier oil or massage lotion.

Even if you have oily skin, using a moisturizer is still recommended. This is because the skin still needs to be hydrated. Proper hydration is important to making sure that the skin remains young looking. You just need to find moisturizers that match your skin type such as gel and water based moisturizers.

On of the most common cause of premature aging is too much exposure to sun rays without using protection such as sunscreen. This is the reason why moisturizers and other skin care products that contain UV protection is needed to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Bath & Body products have hydrating ingredients that will restore the natural moisture that skin loses when exposed to too much sun.

If you have a busy lifestyle, and you no longer have time to cleanse your face thoroughly, we suggest that you use a quick solution. BeautyPHL has products that purify your skin to give it that healthy glow. The essential oils and facial skin care products contain ingredients that can keep your skin fresh and clear. All you need to do is apply them on your face using cotton wipes and you are ready to start the day.

The oil cleansing method is a way of using oil to wash the skin together with water. The oil cleansing method is great for removing dirt on the skin and makeup as well as other waterproof products applied on the face. Its an all natural skin cleansing method that won’t dry your skin.

Like many things in life, skin, hair and body care products do not last forever. Exposure to light, oxygen and bacteria can start breaking these products down and make them less potent. Even if they remain unopened, humidity and improper storage practices can lessen their effectiveness over time.

It is always better to use the products before the expiry date to make sure that they still work. Using expired products may irritate or harm your skin.

Masks are applied to the skin to help improve its tone and texture. It may also help solve other skin issues. Masks may be used once a week to provide additional nutrients on the skin.