Bare Body Essentials

Bare Body Essentials is committed to developing only local, skin-friendly products. Their formulations are proven effective, safe, and easy-to-use, utilizing 100% natural ingredients for optimal results. From premium oils to skincare and underarm care products, most if not all their products are loved by the Filipinas who use them. In fact, their own Sugaring Wax has maintained its spot as the #1 and original no-strip sugar wax in the Philippines. So now, you can look beautiful naturally with Bare Body Essentials.

Bare Body is proud to be the FIRST and ORIGINAL supplier of Premium Quality No Strip Hair Removal Sugar Wax (Sugar Paste) in the Philippines.
Unlike any other hair removal wax, Bare Body Sugar Wax doesn’t need a messy cloth or strip to make it work. Our goal is to promote Do-it-yourself waxing at home naturally while experiencing same quality that expensive waxing salons offer. Because of the quality of our Sugar Paste product, we were asked several times by our persistent customers if we were to sell other Natural Skin Care Products. And after a careful consideration, we came up with a few products toll manufactured by an FDA-licensed Cosmetically Mfg. Company using imported ingredients.
Love your skin? Then take care of it naturally.

Swak na Swak, formerly known as Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, is an entrepreneurial and informative show produced by Bayan Productions, Inc. which airs weekend mornings on ABS-CBN. The program features ways, means and techniques of how to start, set up and maintain a certain business.

BareBodyPH was featured in Swak na Swak in May 10, 2015.

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