Premium Grapeseed Oil 30ml (Grapeseed Oil for Acne Prone Skin)


  • Prevents / Cures Acne and pimples
  • Tightens skin specially those who have oily skin
  • Minimises under-eye circles
  • Moisturises skin
  • Innate scars healing properties and prevents skin ageing
  • Provides relief against pain and swelling caused by arthritis
  • Great in healing wounds
  • Lightens skin and keeps skin firm and smooth

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Bare Body Grapeseed oil is for acne prone skin. Extracted from the seeds of grapes. A good source of Vitamin E and Fatty Acids. It also has strong anti-oxidant compounds which is about 50 times stronger then Vitamin C and E.

Organic oils are produced in remarkable diversity by plants. Lipid is the scientific term for the fatty acids, steroids and similar chemicals often found in the oils produced by living things. Organic oils may also contain chemicals other than lipids, including proteins, waxes (class of compounds with oil-like properties that are solid at common temperatures) and alkaloids.

Grapeseed Oil for Acne


Grapeseed Oil for Acne Prone Skin
Good source of Vitamin E and Fatty Acids
Treatment of acne, dermatitis, allergic reactions, eczema and dry and itchy skin
Protect against UV radiation
Minimize the risk of sunburn
Reduce the appearance of age spots
Enhance the production of collagen on skin

Acne and Dermatitis

Linoleic acid in Bare Body Grapeseed oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, acne reductive, and moisture retentive properties. Therefore, beneficial in the treatment of acne, dermatitis, allergic reactions, eczema and dry and itchy skin. A simple remedy for these skin conditions is to apply Grapeseed Oil onto the affected skin 2-3 times daily.

Age Spots and Sun Burn

The rich nutrients in Bare Body Grapeseed oil protects skin against UV radiation. Found to lighten the effects on age spots and pigmented skin caused by ultra violet rays. Therefore, applying a small amount of Bare Body Grapeseed oil onto affected skin areas can also be beneficial. It may heal and minimize the risk of sunburn and reduce the appearance of age spots.


Varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids are caused by damaged blood vessels. This compromise the ability of the capillaries to manage blood flow in the veins, which results in pooling of the blood inside the veins. Bare Body Grape seed Oil contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin and flavonoids. These are known to help with capillary integrity.

Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Studies have shown that the antioxidant activity of Bare Body Grapeseed Oil may reduce the damage to skin cells and enhance the production of collagen. Very important for strong and healthy looking skin, as a result. A suggested remedy is to apply Bare Body Grapeseed Oil onto the affected skin daily overnight which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and saggy skin. Add one to two drops of Bare Body Grapeseed Oil to your face moisturizer to enhance its effectiveness.

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